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GetAroundJapan provides the latest information to the visitors to Japan that are helpful to know when they get around the country.

1. Browse information when you plan your trip

All articles on GetAroundJapan are organized by category (Transportation, Sightseeing, Shopping, Food and etc.) and region to make it easy for you to find the information of a certain topic or prefecture. You may also search for the information by keywords.

2. Check the latest information before coming to or while you're in Japan

We provide the latest information published in Japan that we think are beneficial for foreign visitors: information on special campaigns and services aimed at foreign visitors, new openings of tax-free shops and other places, various discount tickets and etc.

3. Bookmark your favorite articles

Bookmark the information and tips that you think would be helpful when you visit Japan. You can easily review the articles you bookmarked in your account.

4. Get some travel advice in Forum

If there is anything you don't know or are worried about before visiting Japan, post questions on our Forum. The members who have experience of visiting Japan will help you by responding to your post.

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