Privacy Policy

Last Modified: 2015/02/25

GetAroundJapan (Neowing Corportaion) ("the Company") recognizes and understands the importance of protecting personal information. The Company commits itself to protecting the security of personal information with utmost care as detailed in this Privacy Policy. By using ("the Website"), users are accepting the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy.

Personal information is defined in this Privacy Policy as any information, or any combination of information that can be used to identify an individual.

The Company collects and stores personal information that the user enters on the Website, including the user's name, photo (optional), gender (optional), date of birth (optional), country, and email address. Some other information may be collected and stored automatically, including records of content posted, IP (Internet protocol) address, and URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of the website from which the Website is linked. The Company may be affiliated with third-party companies for jointly providing certain types of services, and such companies may provide personal information, but it will not be without the user's prior consent.

Information the Company collects is used only and strictly for the purposes of providing services through the Website, and for providing customer support whenever it is needed. The Company may also use the information collected to perform statistical analysis and to monitor online activities in order to improve the quality of the Website and services.

The Company may release personal information in circumstances in which the Company reasonably believes it is appropriate for complying with law, or for protecting the rights, safety, and property of the Company, the users of the Website, or others. Otherwise, the Company does not release any personal information to others for any purpose or reason.

  1. The Company implements a number of technological measures against unauthorized access and computer viruses to ensure loss, corruption, alteration, and theft of personal information are effectively prevented.
  2. The user's personal information is protected by his or her password.
  3. The Company uses a technology called SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to encrypt the user's personal information entered on the Website. The technology effectively prevents theft and alteration of the user's personal information when it's transmitted over the Internet.

The Company stores small pieces of information called Cookies on the hard drive of the user's computer. Cookies enable the Company's system to recognize the user's browser each time he or she visits the Website, and to make it easier for the user to log in (once they become a member) by maintaining and protecting sessions. By changing the settings of browser, the user can choose to disable it from accepting Cookies.

The Company acknowledges the user's rights to disclose, make changes to, discontinue the use of, and delete his or her own personal information the Company has collected, and when demanded or requested, the Company will respond without objection, as soon as possible. Also, the user can view and make changes to information registered by signing into his or her account. For any questions or suggestions, please contact the Company by email.

The Company assigns CPO (Chief Privacy Officer) to enforce effective protection of the security of personal information. Through training of the employees, as well as board members, the Company enforces strict handling and management of personal information in appropriate manners.

The Company complies with all applicable laws and regulations of Japan pertaining to the protection of personal information and continues to review and make efforts to improve its compliance program, including this Privacy Policy.