Recommended cafe Around Meguro

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I want to spend couple hours at the cafe.

Please tell me nice cafe around Meguro

Free WiFi.
Not crowded.
Soft Sofa.


  • ユーザー GetAroundJapan の写真


    1年 10ヶ月 前

    Most cafes in Japan don't offer free wi-fi except for Starbucks. There is two Starbucks in Meguro, one in Atre shopping building next to the station and the other in about 2 min walking distance from the West exit. But since you prefer less crowded place, how about you try Cafe Miyama, they have free wi-fi too.

    Cafe Miyama is at less than 5min walking distance from the East exit of JR Meguro station. From the exit, turn left and go straight until you reach the big road. There you turn right.

    This cafe is operated by the same company as Renoir cafe. Renoir is a retro cafe chain that has the best sofas! So I hope Cafe Miyama also has soft sofas for you.

  • ユーザー Blando の写真


    1年 10ヶ月 前

    I recommend MELLOW BROWN COFFEE.

    This is not close to Meguro station.

    But Free WiFi
    Soft Sofa.

  • ユーザー karlobrown の写真


    1年 7ヶ月 前

    Try at Cafe Miyama, it is just a little closer to Meguro Station. I am impressed with their facility, they are equipped with unique and impressive furniture. Just as this benches , they have stuff both inside and outside.

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