Ramen in Tokyo

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I stay in Nishimagome from July 3, 2016.

I like Ramen.

Is there any ramen restaurant near Nishimagome Station?

Please tell me good ramen restaurant with reason and place.


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    1年 10ヶ月 前

    How about Nakigoe (鳴声) near the station? I am sorry, I haven't tried the place but according to the popular restaurant rating site called Tabelog, it has 3.53 stars as of now, which is really good. It seems that their Tantan-men, a spicy ramen is famous. They have both tantan-men with soup and without. If you can take spicy food, this place looks good.

    Google map
    Only 1-min walk from the station

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    1年 10ヶ月 前

    Thank you for telling me.
    I will try Nakigoe.

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