Cheapest way to Nagoya from Izumo

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I'm planning travel to Izumo from Tokyo next July.

My trip planning :

July 14 (Haneda 6:30 am) - (IZUMO 8:00 am) by airplane.
I will visit izumo shrine after that I want to move to Nagoya.
Which way is the cheapest way. Bus or Train?
I want to arrive Nagoya until 20:00.


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    1年 1日 前

    Izumo Shrine is in Shimane prefecture and it is very far from Nagoya. It will take nearly 12hrs to go to Nagoya from Izumo by bus. Bus is usually cheaper than a train, however, considering the amount of time it takes and the fact you only have a day in Izumo, we think you should consider taking a flight or shinkansen to Nagoya. Even by shinkansen, it takes about 5hrs, costs around 15000 yen. If you have JR Pass, it's covered. You can't take Nozomi but there are other options.

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    1年 18時間 前

    Thank you for your reply.
    I am living Tokyo for 2 months.
    Can I buy JR pass and where can I get it?

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    1年 17時間 前

    JR Pass can be purchased at overseas travel agents only. Are you already in Japan? If so, unfortunately, you can't get it by now...

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