Changes on the valid routes of JR EAST PASS

With the opening of the new shinkansen, the Hokuriku Shinkansen on March 14, 2015, there will be partial changes to the valid routes of the "JR East Pass." The changes will become effective on March 14, 2015.

What's JR East Pass?
The JR East Pass is a rail pass offered only for foreign visitors to Japan. The pass holder can enjoy unlimited travel on JR trains (including shinkansen and limited express trains) in the Kanto, Koshinetsu and Tohoku Region. The ticket is valid for five days of your choice within a 14 day period.

New routes added
- Hokuriku Shinkansen, between Nagano and Joetsumyoko
- Echigo TOKImeki Railway, between Naoetsu and Arai

Routes no longer valid
- Shinetsu Line, between Nagano and Arai

* There will be no changes to the sale price.
* When traveling to Toyama / Kanazawa with a "JR EAST PASS", please purchase a separate limited express train ticket and basic fare ticket for traveling between Joetsumyoko and Toyama / Kanazawa.

For the details, please check JR EAST website.


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