Bus service from and to Narita Airport and Hakuba for skiers

Alpico Kotsu Co., Ltd is operating a direct bus service from and to Narita airport and Hakuba, Nagano, during the winter ski season. The spacious seats have leg rests, and paid wi-fi service is available on the bus. To use the wi-fi, advance subscription to the service is necessary. Please check Wi2 website for details.

Hakuba, a ski resort town in the northern Japan Alps, was the main event venue for the Winter Olympics in 1998. In recent years, the town has been receiving increasing number of oversea skiers and snow boarders, especially from Australia. The bars and pubs in the town become packed by foreign visitors in the winter. Hakuba is also a great place to enjoy the natural hot springs.

The bus operates only once a day and it takes about 6 hours per way. The travel hour is a bit longer than going by trains and buses from Narita, but for those who do not have the JR rail pass, this service is more reasonable.

2014-15 OPERATION PERIOD:19 December 2014 until 8 March 2015
  1. Fare (one way)
  2. Adult: 9000 yen
    Child: 6500 yen

  3. Timetable
  4. From Narita International Airport
    Terminal 2:
    8:25 dep. → Hakuba Goryu: 14:11 arr. → Hakuba Happo: 14:21 arr.
    Terminal 1:
    8:30 dep.
    From Hakuba
    Hakuba Happo:
    11:00 dep. → Terminal 2: 16:51 arr. → Terminal 1: 16:56 arr.
    Hakuba Goryu:
    11:10 dep.

For details and to make a reservation, please check their website. (English)
Alpico Kotsu Co., Ltd


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