Any AKB48 or similar concert in early May

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Does anybody know if there is any concert in the Tokyo area with AKB48 or some other ***48 group in early May? Or some other concert that would be cool to attend that somebody can recommend? Me and a friend is going to Japan from 30th April to 8th May, it would be great to attend a concert of some kind, I'm open for suggestions! :)


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    3 years 4 weeks ago

    I think getting the tickets for their concerts is really difficult now... And most of the shows are sold out once it's out. How about you check what are available once you arrive in Japan? If you're arriving at Narita airport, there is a ticket shop called "ticket pia" in both terminal 1 and 2. Or you can go to Laswon convenience store and browse and buy tickets from the Loppi ticket machine.

    If you're interested in j-pop rock, there are many small live music clubs around Shimokitazawa where japanese indie bands perform every night.

    Does anybody else have any suggestions?!

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