Cherry Blossom Forecast by Japan Weather Association (April 10)

Hanami time is finally approaching northern Tohoku region and Hokkaido.

Sakura in Tokyo is almost gone now but the sakura front will be reaching northern Tohoku and Hokkaido from next week. The expected temperatures in the latter half of April are the same or higher than average year, which will bring the bloom dates in northern Tohoku a week earlier than average year. In some parts of Hokkaido, there will be flowers blooming in the late April. The sakura season is coming toward the end in Japan...!

The estimated peak bloom dates by prefectures

Tokai region
Gifu (Takayama) 4/17

Aomori 4/22
Akita 4/16
Iwate 4/15
Yamagata 4/15

Sapporo 5/1
Hakodate 4/28



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