YOSAKOI Soran Festival in Hokkaido (June 10 - 14)

YOSAKOI Soran Festival is a unique annual festival that has been held in Sapporo, Hokkaido, since 1992. Around 27,000 people in 270 teams participate in the festival as dancers and nearly 2 million people gather as viewers. The teams are mostly formed by Hokkaido locals but there are also teams from other prefectures and even from overseas: Taiwan. This year, a special team lead by Yuki Miku, a new character of Hatsune Miku for Sapporo Snow Festival, and also a team by Pikachu will join the festival. (Hantsune Miku is a character for singing voice synthesizer product. Pikachu is a character from a game/comic/anime "Pokémon".)

The dance performed at YOSAKOI Soran Festival is a combination of Hokkaido's traditional folk song "Soran Bushi" and Yosakoi dance originated in Kochi prefecture.

Each team creates their own dance under two rules.
1. Dancers must have clappers in their hands as they dance;
2. The song must include a phrase from Soran Bushi.

As long as the performance follows these two rules, the teams have the freedom to create their own choreography, songs, and costumes.

During the festival period from June 10 to 14, the dance performances and other events will be held at 20 different locations around the city of Sapporo. The main venue will be around Odori Park. The parade held on the weekend on the 13th and 14th around the park will be the highlight of the event. There are reserved seats for those who have purchased the tickets but most of the performances are free for viewing.

YOSAKOI Soran Festival

June 10 (Wed) - June 14 (Sun)

Around Odori Park
Odori Park (English, Chinese, and Korean)

Official Website

YOSAKOI Soran Festival (English)

Event dates: 
Wednesday, June 10, 2015 ~ Sunday, June 14, 2015

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