The 13th World Cosplay Summit


The 13th World Cosplay Summit was held in Nagoya from July 25 to August 2, 2015. 26 countries participated in the event and the representative cosplayers from each country joined the cosplay parade, the world cosplay championship, the world karaoke championship and other events that was held in various parts of Nagoya in Aichi Prefecture.

The number of visitors to the main venue OASIS 21 on August 1st and 2nd was the largest-ever with about 248,000 people. (In 2014, it was about 227,000 people.)

World Cosplay Championship 2015 Winner


World Karaoke Grand Prix Cosplay 2015 Winner

Nanthakhwan Visithanon (Thailand)
*Thailand won 2 years on a role!

WKG WinnerWKG Winner

Nishiki Street Red Carpet

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If you are keen on joining this event next year, keep checking their official website for the updated information!

World Cosplay Summit 2015 (English)
Event dates: 
Thursday, August 20, 2015


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