The First Cherry Blossom Forecast of this Spring by Japan Weather Association (Feb 8)

The first cherry blossom forecast of this spring has been published by Japan Weather Association! If you are planning to visit Japan this spring, check the dates!

According to Japan Weather Association, this year the cherry blossoms are expected to start blooming around the same time as in average years in most parts of Japan and a little later in Kyushu region.


As of now, they expect the cherries to open in Fukuoka on March 23, and in Tokyo, Kochi, and Kumamoto on the following day. By the end of March, the cherries will open in all Kanto regions and in western regions. In the beginning of April, flowers will open in the northern part of Japan, and by the end of April in Hokkaido.

The date cherries bloom or hit full bloom vary year to year as the timing largely depends on the temperature from the previous fall. When the winter was very cold, the flowers can bloom early in spring. As of this year, although it was warm in December because it has been very cold since the end of January, the cherries are expected to bloom as in average years.

The next update will be on March 1.



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