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It's almost the cherry blossom season in Japan. Japanese people link cherry blossoms with the beginning of a new chapter in life as April is when Japanese school year starts.

So, it will be the same for many foreign students who are going to study in Japan. Many of their programs start in April!

One of the essential items you will need as soon as you land in Japan may be the internet connection on your smartphone. It would be quite difficult to rely only on free wifi in Japan. Even in schools, free wifi may be limited.

There are prepaid SIM cards sold in the airports if you need the internet only for a few months, up to 90 days. However, since the longest prepaid SIM package is 90 days, if you are going to stay longer than that, consider signing a cell phone or a SIM card contract or renting a SIM card.

Signing a cell phone/SIM card contract

- There are providers offering a discount package for device+SIM. If you don't have an unlocked device to use in Japan, their package price may be attractive.
- You need to have a credit card under your own name.
- The monthly charge will be charged on the credit card.
- You need to register your address of residence in Japan.
- Some services have websites in English but most of the customer support will be available only in Japanese.

Renting a SIM card from CDJapan Rental

- The device does not come with the SIM card, so you need to have your own unlocked device that is compatible with the SIM card.
- The payment is accepted only by credit card but it does not have to be under your name.
- The payment is prepaid and there will be no monthly charges.
- You can get a refund if your device was not compatible.
- You can get support in English or Chinese.
- Even if you changed your phone in the middle of the contract and you need a different size of SIM card, you can exchange it without any charges.

See what CDJapan Rental offers on their website!

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