CDJapan Rental is Offering Free Shipping on SIM Card!


CDJapan Rental is offering FREE SHIPPING on SIM cards!

If you are planning to visit Japan soon, don't miss this great deal.

6 Advantages of Renting SIM Card from CDJapan

1. We are flexible!

We give some refund when our SIM card was not compatible with your device. You also have an option to extend the rental period.

2. Easy to get connected!

You don't need to activate the card. Just change the APN settings and you're ready to get online.

3. Unlimited data usage!

Our SIM card is for DATA ONLY, which means you cannot make or receive phone calls or use SMS. However, our SIM has no limit on the data usage, which will allow you to use apps like Skype, WhatsApp, and LINE as much as you want to make free calls and chat.

4. Fast and stable connection!

The maximum download speed is 260Mbps and the maximum upload speed is 50Mbps. The connection speed will be reduced to 200Kbps once the data traffic volume exceeds 110MB per calendar day, however, it is reset at 12:00am.

5. Easy collection and return!

We will deliver the SIM card to where you'll be staying or you can collect it at the airport post office in Japan upon arrival. To return it, just put it in the prepaid return envelope we provide and drop it into a post box anywhere in Japan. (SIM card is a rental item, it needs to be returned.)

6. SIM card holder and SIM card tray eject needle pin!

We provide a SIM card holder to keep your SIM safe while you use our SIM (needs to be returned). A SIM card tray eject pin is also enclosed to help you exchange the SIM card.

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