What to do early in the morning?

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I'll have my first trip to Japan at the end of March of this year (YAY), the thing is, my plane will arrive VERY early (7am), and I don't know what to do meanwhile because my hotel reservation only admits until 4pm.
Any tips or recommendations what to do meanwhile? Thanks!


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    2 months 3 weeks ago

    Hello! Thanks for posting!

    You have a plenty of things to do once you arrive in Japan! Convenience stores in Japan are open 24h, a great place to grab some breakfast for your self, perhaps try rice balls(onigiri) or hot food like nikuman(chinese meat bun)?! Then if the weather is good, you can go to the parks or temples that have cherry blossom trees as it will be the cherry blossom season (at least in Tokyo) at the end of March. If you go see them the morning, you can avoid the crowds!

    You can leave your luggage at your hotel first and you have a whole day to explore! Hope you will enjoy your stay in Japan.

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