10 Healing Items You can Get from Drugstores in Japan

Traveling is exciting but exhausting at the same time. Drugstores in Japan have all kinds of items that help heal a tired body. Make use of these items and enjoy your stay in Japan as best you can!

1. Eye drop

Heal your tired eyes from sight seeing. There are many kinds of eye drops in Japan. Those that say "cool" usually contain menthol, which could sting but they are refreshing.

2. Eye mask

Soothe your eyes with warm eye masks. There are disposable ones that generate steam, which will promote blood circulation around your eyes.

3. Face mask

After bath time, hydrate your skin using face masks. There are masks made specially for men as well.

4. Leg cooling sheet

You definitely want to heal your tired legs and feet. Attach those sheets on the bottom of the foot and on calves. It feels cool and refreshing.

5. Compression socks

These socks help relieve tired and swollen feet and legs. Wearing these on an airplane also helps to keep the legs from swelling.

6. Body powder sheet

Got sweaty from walking around the town? Try the body powder sheet. Just wipe your body with the sheet and it will remove the sweat and odor, and leave your skin smooth. Those that say "cool" contain menthol, which will make you feel cool.

7. Onsen bath powder

If you don't have the time to go to real hot springs, you can get Onsen bath powder and make your bath time at your hotel a little special.

8. Kairo

Going out again at night? If in winter, kairo will keep you warm. Kairo is a small pouch with chemicals in it that will produce heat when exposed to oxygen in the air. There are adhesive type and pocket type. The warmth usually lasts for few hours.

9. Nail clipper

Japanese nail clippers re popular for their quality and cheap price.

10. Cooling gel sheet

Tired from walking in the crowd? Cool down your head using the cooling gel sheet.

                               Body sheet
Onsen bath powderOnsen bath powder

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